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A poll finds more Americans prefer the Senate version of a bill that would reform how Congress counts electoral vote. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The former way should not be changed.
The Supreme Court abortion ruling has boosted Democratic Sen. Patty Murray's reelection hopes. Her Republican rival is focusing on inflation, crime. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, voters will not allow Dems to steal and election.
Members of the NYPD’s largest police union who were fired for not getting vaccinated against the coronavirus have to be reinstated, a judge ruled Friday. New York Post


Villagers, activists and some elected officials asked why the conscription drive seemed to be hitting poor, remote areas hardest, while pro-war hawks criticized it as chaotic. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A joke.
Central banks around the world raised interest rates this week to combat inflation. That’s raising concerns among investors about an economic slump. New York Times
In some corners of the market, investors just don’t see how the Federal Reserve can lower inflation without risking high unemployment. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A clear fundamental process.
The U.S. benchmark oil price fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since the start of the year. New York Times
Gaetz was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl and allegedly paid for her to travel with him, the New York Times previously reported.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: A political Dem smear has no evidence.
South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol was caught calling U.S. lawmakers "idiots" if they do not approve global health funding, according to multiple reports.       USA Today


A look at the vulnerable points inside Zaporizhzhia, one of the largest — and now most at-risk — nuclear plants in Europe       USA Today
An Alaska judge has ruled that a state lawmaker affiliated with the Oath Keepers may stay on the general election ballot in November even though he's likely ineligible to hold public office. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Justice should prevail.
Georgia's secretary of state on Friday announced plans to replace election equipment in one county following "unauthorized access" to the equipment that happened two months after the 2020 election. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Surety is the best option.
President Biden is blasting Republicans' recently unveiled legislative blueprint, calling it a "thin series of policy goals" that offer "little or no detail" on what the GOP intends to pursue should they win the majority in Congress this fall. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is an idiot.

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House Republicans vowed to hold the Biden administration accountable for alleged misconduct and pursue an economic agenda that puts money back into American taxpayers' wallets -- if voters give them the majority in Congress. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Voters must vote against Dems.
Senate Republicans sought Friday to block the Biden administration's newly released rule phasing out the use of traditional lead ammunition in certain wildlife refuges, citing concerns about raising costs for hunters and bypassing state wildlife agencies. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The Treasury Department says it will allow American tech firms to expand their business in Iran to boost internet access for the Iranian people ABC
VOA VIEW: Iran will shut down anything that allows the truth to prevail.


They cited testimonies by former detainees of beatings in Russian detention. ABC
VOA VIEW: That has long been known.
Historically Black college accuses Florida officials of discriminating against the school based on race. CBS
VOA VIEW: Foolish action.
House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is rolling out his party's Trump-like midterm election agenda. CBS
VOA VIEW: The GOP must get tuff.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the recent influx is due to "failing communist regimes." CBS
VOA VIEW: The border is wide open.
Global shipping company has closed offices and frozen hiring to offset the impact of soaring inflation. CBS
VOA VIEW: Costly, especially during the holidays.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reserve troops to fight in Ukraine has sparked outrage across his country. Some tried to flee Russia. CBS
VOA VIEW: Fear and good move.
President Joe Biden vowed that Democrats will codify the right to an abortion into law if two more are elected to the U.S. Senate in the midterm elections. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, Dems will lose control of the Senate and House.
There are some options that homebuyers can explore to reduce the costs involved in buying a house. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Rents will rise further.

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Despite being the second largest demographic population in the U.S., Latinos have paltry representation on corporate board seats. CNBC
Protests were triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for allegedly breaking Iran's strict rules on wearing the hijab. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The people are saying enough is enough.
Moderna has asked the FDA to authorize omicron boosters for adolescents ages 12 to 17-years-old and for kids ages 6 to 11-years-old. CNBC
The embattled British pound fell more than 2% against the dollar, after the new U.K. government announced a radical economic plan in a bid to boost growth. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Inflation is hard on all.
Consumers are feeling the squeeze as borrowing costs jump while inflation remains high. CNBC
VOA VIEW: These are financially hard times.
Small businesses who weathered the pandemic say their revenue nearly doubled over the past year, but inflation sapped their profits, according to a new survey from Kabbage. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Not a food sign.
For over two years, it's seemed inevitable that former President Donald Trump would run for president again in 2024. In this week's episode of Unfiltered, SE Cupp asks: with recent developments, has his future changed? CNN
President Joe Biden insists that he hasn't made up his mind whether to run for a second term. But the public sure has. CNN
VOA VIEW: Count that Biden will not run in 2024.
Several top allies of Donald Trump will launch a new super PAC to buoy Republican candidates who have earned the former President's support in the midterm elections, CNN has learned, following months of minimal spending by Trump-aligned groups that has frustrated party strategists left to fill the void. CNN
• Russian aviation expert is latest official to die in mysterious circumstances • Opinion: This war will bring down Putin • Analysis: Reports of Putin's problems are mounting CNN
President Joe Biden on Friday criticized Republicans and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy's proposed midterm agenda, describing the plan as a "thin series of policy goals" in his latest campaign speech. CNN
VOA VIEW: Biden is hurting the Dem Party.
Customs and Border Protection officials at Arizona's Nogales Port of Entry seized over 72,000 fentanyl pills hidden in the gas tank of a vehicle crossing the border. FOX News
Iran's government on Friday blocked access to the Internet and messaging apps in a deepening crackdown on protests triggered by the death of a young woman who had been detained by the morality police. UPI
VOA VIEW: Iran does not want the truth to be known.
Vice President Kamala Harris will lead the U.S. delegation to Japan for the state funeral of assassinated former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Abe next week, the White House said Friday. UPI
Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrived in the port city of Busan on Friday to conduct joint drills with the South Korean navy in a demonstration of military might and extended deterrence against North Korea. UPI
Secretary of State Antony Blinken was scheduled to meet on Friday with Chinese foreign minister Yang Yi on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in a meeting that's sure to include the issue of Taiwan. UPI
VOA VIEW: The Chinese will eat Blinken's lunch.
Vice President Kamala Harris warned Democratic attorneys general that the country's "fundamental rights are at assault," including abortion access, in an appeal to voters before the midterm elections. UPI
VOA VIEW: More like defending the criminal's rights.

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Robert Namer
Voice Of America
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September 25, 2022

     We’ll admit, we winced when we saw the headlines about Sen. Lindsey Graham proposing a federal abortion law, something that has zero chance of passing any decade soon.

     But it’s actually a smart, nuanced move to push forward the national conversation and the state-by-state ones — beyond the sloganeering of the pro-life and pro-choice extremes.  Those elements both roared into reaction after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade to leave the question to the states: Blue states passed strong abortion-rights protections; red ones, strong limits and sometimes near-total bans.  Yet most Americans — indeed, most people all over the world — are in the middle.  Logic seems to pass over Dems heads - each state can make their own law on the subject.  Just as pro-lifers never want to talk about abortion in the case of rape or incest, pro-choicers never want to talk about very late and partial-birth abortions — and for the same reason: Those questions favor the other side.

     Which means that any sane compromise will rule out most abortions late in pregnancy and carve out exceptions for rape and incest, as well as to save the life of the mother (something everyone agrees on). But Graham’s real intention is to move the conversation away from a constant obsessing on the edge cases where the most highly-charged emotions lie.  The only serious major question is when to draw the main line. And polls suggest most people would put it at about 15 weeks, 3½ months along. That’s also where nearly every other advanced nation bans most abortions. As Scott Johnson noted in The Post, it’s 12 weeks in Denmark; “France, 14 weeks; Sweden, 18. The world average is about 13 weeks.” Around 90% of US abortions now happen before 15 weeks, by the way (the Centers for Disease Control puts it at 98%), so that limit (with the exceptions most people support) isn’t remotely extreme.  The reality is that, as our democracy works the issue out, it’s where America is surely headed.